No One Likes a Flooded Camera

Here we were, getting ready for our dive trip to Puerto Rico. We couldn’t have been more excited. This was going to be the 2nd time I would be using our Sea Life DC1400 Duo and the 1st time we would ever be diving in the Caribbean Sea. It was kind of a big deal to […]

Scuba Show // Long Beach, CA

A full weekend of scuba submersion, and we didn’t even get wet! A couple of weekends ago, we had the pleasure of exploring the Long Beach Scuba Show. This show has become one of the largest consumer expos in the world devoted to the scuba diving community. There are amazing opportunities to compare resorts, dive […]

We {dive} Heart Scuba!

If there is one thing that takes the sport of scuba diving from a great sport to an exciting and engaging life experience, it’s the people. The scuba diving community is filled with many interesting people who have a genuine passion for the sport and a desire to share their experiences with others. One of […]