San Juan : Puerto Rico // Pre-Scuba Diving


A great start to our Puerto Rico adventure.

With so many of our trips taking 18+ hours in a plane flying to Southeast Asia, it’s hard to believe that only two hours from Miami, Florida, you find yourself in a tropical paradise with lush rain forests, and from what we’ve been told, some of the best diving in the region (more to come on the diving after our Saturday, Sunday and Monday dives). We are very excited to dive Isla Desecheo with Taino Divers. We were told by one local dive master that a bad day of diving at Desecheo is when there is visibility less than 200 feet. On Saturday we will also enjoy a late afternoon dive at Crashboat Beach to dive a few wrecks. Sunday we will be on our way to La Parguera to check out, what is supposed to be, an amazing wall dive. We look forward to posting the blog and pictures when we return from these dives, so stay tuned.

Day one was filled with familiarizing ourselves with the fun filled, energetic town of Condado located in San Juan, Puerto Rico; just minutes from the airport. It is evident immediately upon arrival that there is a special energy in the Puerto Rican air. Everywhere you turn there are people busy in the hustle and bustle of this massive island city and so far everyone has been very approachable. You can stop and ask anyone for directions or advice and so far on our trip, people have been happy to help and have given great advice.


Night one we enjoyed dinner at a fantastic restaurant called Jam Rum Bar & Bistro. Located in the the tourist area of Condado, Jam is surrounded by all kinds of great shopping, restaurants and bars where the nightlife is filled with all sorts of excitement. If you are up for a moderately priced ($40 to $50 per person, with drinks) dinner, Jam is an excellent choice. The ambiance of the restaurant is chic and modern with a young crowd and a great menu. Jam has a delightful wait staff and a menu that offers many healthy choices of fish, beef, veal, chicken and many of the local root vegetables on the side. With flavors of the islands in every dish, you can’t go wrong with any of the choices. They also offer a great cocktail menu with, you guessed it, tons of great rum inspired drinks and a good selection of wines to enjoy with your meal. Check out Jam if you have the chance, you won’t be disappointed.


Day two we discovered Pinky’s, a busy local lunch spot. If you are in the mood for a great breakfast or lunch then Pinky’s is a fantastic choice. We all went to enjoy a quick lunch and were delighted with delicious sandwiches and wraps with a definite island inspired taste. It was obvious that many of the locals felt the same way as the place was packed with people dressed in business clothes taking time out on their lunch break. Pinky’s has a great breakfast menu where you can everything from traditional bacon, eggs and toast to delicious breakfast wraps and sandwiches. You can build your own sandwich or wrap picking your own ingredients or choose from one of their delicious menu choices, either way you are sure to enjoy the casual atmosphere and great food.

Stay tuned for more from Puerto Rico.


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