Siladen Dive

The dive schedule for Siladen Resort is geared more for the resort diver. Despite numerous requests to alter the schedule for 4-6 divers to have an early start and take a modified breakfast or shortened lunch, the daily schedule remained structured to start with a simple, yet filling breakfast with European pastries at 0700 following by a dive briefing at 0815. The best part of the briefing was when the local dive masters encouraged everyone to put their hands together to get excited about their diving day. With a late start to the dive day, the first of two morning dives would usually start at 0930 and you would arrive back in time for lunch at 1pm. At 3pm, an afternoon dive would be made available with an optional night dive or you could opt for the sunset mandarin dive offered three times a week. The maximum number of dives at Siladen Island Resort is 4 dives per day and unlike several other dive operators in the region, there is no house reef due to strong currents and the washing cycle effect. The local dive masters and Annalisa were the stars of this dive program because any short-comings were easily forgotten by their underwater knowledge and enthusiasm for the Bunaken National Park.



One thought on “Siladen Dive

  1. We always welcome guest feedback. As a small boutique resort we try our best to accommodate every guest request but we are not always able to.

    In terms of breakfast and lunch we offer a very wide selection at both meals so it is really up to the guests to decide how much they wish to eat and how long they like to spend at meals.

    I also think we need to appreciate the efforts made by our native indonesian dive guides who may not yet be comfortable enough in English to give a 5 star briefing but who are definitely, as you pointed out, enthusiastic about the Marine Park and about sharing with guests the beauties of the Bunaken National Marine Park.

    Patrick Trancu
    CEO Siladen Resort & Spa

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