Siladen Resort & Spa

Our first impressions validated our decision to make the Siladen Resort & Spa our vacation destination. The assistant manager, Annalisa, and her team, were gracious in greeting us with a cold towel, familiarizing us with the resort (spa, diving, dining and lounge facilities) and set the tone for the week by nourishing us with a quick meal. Lunch and dinner service is excellent and the influence of Italian ownership is evident in the presentation and quality of food. Simply amazing for the scuba enthusiast. The only “white elephant” we saw that needed to be addressed by the resort is the pool and the pool bar. They appear luring on the website but it was never staffed and left the guest feeling confused about when, and if, it was open. It seemed more decorative than functional. The new boat bar is a great addition to the property and was the scene for many good times. For the scuba diver who plans to dive every day, better value will be found in the Garden villas. We highly recommend this resort to anyone.


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